standalorm is a Python library that enables you to harness the power of Django’s ORM in standalone Python scripts.


$ pip install standalorm

Source Code

Those interested in standalorm’s source code should see its GitHub repository.

Support, Bug Tracking, and Feature Requests

All support inquiries, bug reports, and feature requests should be directed to standalorm’s GitHub issues page.

Additional Notes

standalorm is intended for people who are already familiar with Django’s ORM; as such, the basics of how to use the ORM are outside the scope of this documentation. If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with Django’s ORM, see Django’s own documentation, particularly the sections on models and making queries.


standalorm is based on Dan Caron’s Django ORM Standalone Template.

“Django” is a registered trademark of the Django Software Foundation, which does not endorse this software.


standalorm is released under the MIT License.